5 Creative Uses For Mason Jars In The Kitchen

blue mason jars

Most people use mason jars for canning their meats and produce, but there are other uses for them that are also great for the environment as well as the pocketbook. Mason jars are extremely versatile and can be used for soap dispensers, garden containers and more—the best part is that when you are done using them for whatever reason, you can always repurpose them again, and again. And of course they are easily recyclable too!


Soap or lotion dispenser

A soap or lotion dispenser made from a mason jar adds a unique decorative touch to your kitchen counter. You can use the pump from any lotion or soap dispenser or purchase a new one at your local craft store. Cut a hole in the lid of your jar so that the dispenser goes through but does not fall in. You can fill it with your favorite lotion or soap, either homemade or bought in bulk from the store. These dispensers also make great gifts for birthdays, the holidays or housewarming parties. (Image via Flickr)


Mason jar lanterns

A sweet way to make (or you can buy them here) a lantern for just one evening or a season—when you are done with them as lanterns, you can use the mason jars for other things! (Image via HGTV)


Herb garden containers

Container gardening is a wonderful way to ensure that you have freshest possible herbs in your kitchen. Mason jars can be used for holders the same way that you would use any other container for your garden. It works best to secure the jars to a board using pipe clamps. The board can easily be moved indoors or outdoors as necessary when you are growing your herbs. Make sure you bring them into the kitchen at night when the weather cools down so that they aren’t damaged by frost. (Image via Flickr)


Candle centerpieces

Mason jars are even versatile enough to make the perfect centerpiece for a backyard party, or a lazy summer night on the patio with friends and family. You can keep it simple by adding a layer of sand or other non-flammable material and dropping a votive on top or you can get really creative. Here’s a tutorial DIY chalkboard Mason jar candle centerpiece tutorial my wife fell in love with recently. (Image via Beauty and Bedlam.)


Storage containers

One of the more traditional uses for a mason jars in your kitchen is for storage purposes. From spices to homemade cleaners, you can store just about anything in mason jars. You can keep all sorts of supplies in them, from like flour, sugar, almonds and chocolate chips to string, notes and specialty stuff (all your pie-baking accessories, for instance) in them. Just be sure to label the jars.

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