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7 Takes on Ethical Summer Statement Jewelry: Capture the Beauty of the Season


Temperatures are rising and outdoor parties are beckoning. These gorgeous nature-inspired pieces step up the glamour with no extra effort, so you can soak up every moment of summer knowing that you’ll look swanky. Enjoy our seven favorite sustainable jewelry channeling the ever-fly Mother Earth.


Araucaria Hair Sticks from Kirsten Muenster jewelry -$130

Perfect for when it’s so hot all you really want to do is pile your hair up, with a little sparkle.

Practicing the ancient art of lost-wax casting, the Cast Collection utilizes repeatability and integrity. Nature, signs of growth, rebirth and change are captured in bold oxidized patterns. Each piece is locally cast and hand finished in my San Francisco studio.


Tyramin Succulent Necklace– $95

We’d pair this with the simplest of dresses or the airiest of blouses. Instant glam.

Each succulent is hand cast, retaining the natural shape, texture, and individuality of each plant, making every item truly one-of-a-kind. The arrangement of the succulents in the design mimics the succulent’s natural growth pattern where the mother (Hen) succulent sends out baby (Chick) offshoots to grow in clusters. Varieties of plants used in the designs include: Purple Beauty Sempervivum, Echeveria, String of Pearls and Echinacea pods.


Bario Neal Val Ring- $90

This gorgeous piece reminds us of coral, though it was actually hand-cast from lace, to find similar pieces, see here the custom halo engagement rings by Edward Swaab.

Bario Neal is committed to environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing and marriage equality. Our jewelry is handcrafted in Philadelphia with reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, and ethically sourced stones, using environmentally conscious practices.


Barbara Michelle Jacobs NYC Blossoming Branch Necklace– $180

Such a gorgeous dress up/ dress down piece- we’d wear this one all day, every day!

Blossoming Branch Necklace, nature inspired and made of recycled sterling silver. Cast from a graceful blossoming branch with buds newly set. Created using the ancient lost wax casting method and handmade in NYC of recycled sterling silver. 


My Piece of Wood Dangle Earrings– $23

A simple summer statement that’s a bit more interesting than the usual (and wood is lightweight!).

I made these earrings from reclaimed wood – fallen tree branch, which I cut into slices and sanded. The “wooden gems” are covered with glossy clear resin. They have also a natural tree bark, what gives them organic feeling. The posts are decorated with sterling silver flowers.


Teeny Tiny Planet Terrarium Necklace– $25

Jewelry doesn’t have to be big to make a big statement. This adorable & portable terrarium is a guaranteed conversation-starter!

A harvest of natural plants and flowers creates this Terrarium Necklace with miniature glass bottle, carefully filled with a variety of preserved moss, dried flowers, pinecones, dried date nut bud and dried putka pod pieces. All natural elements are commercially preserved floral. 1-1/2″ pendant is attached to a lobster clasp, embellished with a filigree and crystal bead dangle and hangs on an 24″ silver plated chain. The corkscrew is reinforced with strong adhesive, for added durability. Because these are hand crafted with natural materials, each pendant will have slight natural differences, which makes each one truly unique.


Elytra Green Beetle Earrings– $26 USD

For an iridescent color pop with movement, these beautiful earrings are a definite statement piece. Especially when accompanied by the statement, “They’re real beetle wings!”

The beetle wings are ethically sourced from Northern Thailand, where Elytra beetles are common. They are collected from villages where the beetles are traditionally eaten as a source of protein, and the wings saved for decoration. The wings are surprisingly durable, with a similar strength to a fingernail. They have been gently cleansed with soap and diluted tea tree oil, which is a natural astringent.

Happy accessorizing! May your prep time be short and your party time long!

Keelie's creative mind was forged in the camp fires of a nomadic troupe that eventually settled in New York's Adirondack mountains. She spent her childhood hunting and gathering with her sisters and learning to Irish step dance. Keelie grew up to be a NYC-based performer, director, writer, photographer and arts educator. She's a 2016 Mitchell Scholar and is looking forward to serving as an ambassador in the field of theatre while studying at Trinity College, Dublin, sponsored by the US Ireland Alliance. Keelie holds a MFA in Acting from Brooklyn College and a BA in Theatre/ English from SUNY Empire State College. Her interests include anything edible, making her muscles grow, not looking like a tourist when she travels and keeping the earth healthy. Follow along at: http://sweatequalssuccess.blogspot.com/ .