Submission Guidelines for Products


Submitting Products for Review:

Due to the overwhelming number of requests for products to be reviewed on Eco Chick, I’m posting these guidelines. We read every email sent to us so if we don’t respond it means that your submission is not right for this site.

To be considered for review, a product MUST have at least one (preferably more) of the following characteristics:

-Made from recycled, upcycled, reused materials
-Made from new ecofriendly materials (no petroleum-based plastics, etc.)
Locally made or Low-transport during production
Fair-trade or Fair wage (if you make your own products and work yourself silly, that’s OK, I just don’t want you working someone ELSE unfairly!)
Low-Carbon (carbon offsets; wind, solar or small hydro-powered factory or facilities; bike or non-fossil fuel transport)
Vegetarian/Vegan (We won’t review food products containing meat or fish; recycled or responsibly dyed and tanned leather is OK. No Fur, Ever!)
Part or All of Profits Donated to environmental, animal or health nonprofits
Minimal, recycled, or reused packaging and shipping containers
Nontoxic, biodegradable, compostable, or otherwise environmentally benign ingredients

Beauty Note:
Beginning January, 2010 any beauty product will have to meet strict criteria for inclusion on Eco Chick, including no ingredient scoring above a 4 on the Cosmetics Safety database (readers, this means that products reviews prior to this date are NOT checked for the above criteria).

If you believe your product meets at least some of the above criteria, please feel free to send along a request for review to site editor-in-chief, Starre Vartan: starre (at) eco (dash) chick (dot) com or managing editor, Lindsay E. Brown: [email protected]

Main image by Skippyjon.