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Almond Milk Lover? Then You Have to Try Hazelnut Milk!

hazelnut milk celebration
This is how excited I got when I first tried hazelnut milk, after years of almond milk drinking!

It’s not often that I get THIS excited by a new food, but I was at my boyfriend’s neighborhood health-food store this past week and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Pacific Natural Foods now makes hazelnut milk (and even—oh dreaminess!—a chocolate version).


I was hoping that it was going to be amazing, and—no hyperbole—it is supercalifragilistically, expialidociously delicious. So creamy, so nutty, so perfect on its own, so insanely good with chocolate; I hardly knew what to do with myself.

But of course the first thing I did (besides drink a large glass over ice on a hot day) was obsessionally make my chia pudding recipe with it.


And I love that Pacific’s milk is made from hazelnuts from Oregon (which is where my boyfriend is from too-cute), which means its grown-in-the-USA and supports American farmers-Yay!

I have long loved almond milk, hemp milk, and even soy and oat milks, but hazelnut milk is the best of them all. Dare I say, Alt-milk perfection!

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