Amazon Watch's 10th Anniversary & Fundraiser

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Amazon Watch recently celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary of supporting the rainforests of the Amazon basin and the region’s indigenous people. The fundraiser, held at Gallery One in San Francisco, was both a profoundly moving and educational event.

Sixteen year old Q’orianka Kilcher, award winning actress and indigenous rights activist was there to passionately speak about her recent trip with Amazon Watch to the Peruvian Amazon to gather video footage for a documentary about the devastating effects oil companies have on the indigenous people of the area.

Q’orianka began collaborating with Amazon Watch after receiving the “2006 Alma Award for Outstanding Actress in Film” for her performance as Pocahantas in “The New World” (with Colin Ferrell- not bad for her first kiss!) and has been a panelist for United Nations International Day of the World’s Indigenous People.

At this point in time, focus on the Amazon is more crucial than ever—its destruction would have devastating global consequences given its critical role in regulating the Earth’s climate. I strongly urge people to learn more about everyday actions in which to help, as well as donate if you can— donations to eco-conscious organizations make great xmas gifts! (hint, hint)