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The Auralis Convertible Jumper: An Eco Fashion Classic


As you might know, I travel as much as I can possibly manage (have you seen our sister site, Eco-Chick Escapes?). And so I am always looking for pieces that are made ethically, which are also incredibly comfortable, wrinkle-resistant, flattering, comfortable and convertible. If a piece of clothing can be turned inside-out, worn upside-down, or changed up, I’m going to be excited about it.

Obviously, it’s pretty rare to find clothing that fits all my parameters. In fact, the last time I was as obsessed with something as much as the jumper above and below, it was my crinkle dress from Carol Young in LA. That was in 2009, and yes, I’m still wearing that dress, and it always gets packed for my travels, no matter where I go.

The Auralis Convertible Jumper┬áis my newest favorite does-it-all-while-staying-fab article of clothing. It’s made in NYC from a soft-stretchy combo of soy, organic cotton and a smidge of spandex. And it’s a bestseller for the eco fashion label, natch, since it can be style oh-so-many ways. The designer will even make one in a custom fabric or size, if you like!

It can be worn as high waisted pants, strapless, halter, one shoulder, sleeved and any other way you can wrap it around you.

Forthwith, me being completely goofy at a “photoshoot” at the NYFW Textile Arts Center party a couple weeks ago.






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