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Beautiful Fair-Trade and Ethical Wedding Dresses: Lena Medoyeff Studio Does it Right

Natural Bride Wedding Dress

Lena Medoyeff learned the art of fashion design in an unusual way; from a local seamstress in Guatemala when she volunteered for the Peace Corps there. Her friend taught her how to make patterns, and Lena made clothes for herself and other volunteers too. When she returned to the US (she’s now based in Portland, Oregon), she kept going, designing flattering, classic ethical wedding dresses for women.


Now the owner at her own studio, she creates affordable, modern wedding dresses from Fair Trade materials that are made at a mill in India where she knows the workers are paid well and treated fairly, using materials that are dyed with natural colors. Check out her incredibly lovely video below for more of this thoughtful designer’s words and work. You can see all her dresses, and buy from her online shop here. And her Tumblr is filled with lovely dressy inspirations too.



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