Betty Belts!

Betty Belts
The Talia belt is made with recycled glass beads, ceramic tiles, and vegan leather

Betty Belts 2
The Selena belt is made from farmed mother-of-pearl and vegan leather

Poking around on the internet for some new eco-friendly accessories recently, I found Betty Belts, which makes the super-gorgeous waist-wrappers above. The designer of Betty Belts, Donna von Hoesslin, is an avid and active surfer, (the company just won a ‘Green Wave’ award) and of course, like all cool chicks, a blogger!

Donna surfing

Donna (that’s her above) says:

My goal is to continue down this road using sustainable, reused, recycled, organic and natural materials whenever possible. I am focused on reducing waste to a bare minimum. I consider the impact in every choice I make for my business and my home and always look the most sustainable method, even if it takes a lot more time and effort to find a feasible solution. Efforts like these are the foundational building blocks of hope for a better world. A cleaner, simpler and less wasteful world which we can all work toward step by step.

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