Budhi Teen Care: Foundation for Healthier Skin


I’m obsessed with washing my face. I never go a night without it. No matter how exhausted, or what a late night I’ve had, I go to the sink and take all my makeup off, and make sure to put on a ton of moisturizer. I don’t do it just because I love to go to bed with fresh, clean skin, but I do it because it is essential as a teen, and for skin down the road! I was blessed to be free from acne, but I have extremely dry skin (and it only worsens come the colder months).

No girl wants to worry about their skin issues, but the search for a product that works is difficult. With so many different products out there choosing the one for you can be a challenge. But, Budhi Teen Care might be the solution! Budhi is the Sanskrit word for intellect, and makes skin and hair products for teens so they can be confident, and not feel conflicted over their skin issues, plus they are made with EcoCert certified ingredients, which means they are made with nontoxic ingredients that are good for skin and the environment.

Some skin care choices are not all that they claim to be. Because a bottle reads “natural” it might be more for market then the truth. Budhi Teencare is ideal for all skin types, whether it be dry or oily. The cleansers remove makeup and clean out pores. Acne products are formulated with OTC drugs to reduce irritation and dryness usually found in other acne medication. The products are free from dyes and fragrance, are gluten-free, and have no irritating essential oils.

The hair care products are gentle and great for different hair types. They are ideal for teens with sensitive skin and include no dyes or other synthetic fragrances.

Budhi also believes in giving back to their community. They are partnered with Youthcare. Youthcare believes in building confidence in homeless youth, and provides them with shelter. 10% of proceeds from all sales of Budhi Lip Balm will be contributed to Youthcare.

The Budhi Skincare line ranges from $10 – $30 (for the healthier skin starter kit), so makes a eco-concious and awesome gift for any friend!

Haley Sherif holds a B.F.A. in creative nonfiction writing from Emerson College. Born & raised in Manhattan, she's currently living in Brooklyn pursuing her dream to write. As an eager fourteen year old she originally joined the Eco-Chick team as an intern, several years later she's happy to be back. Her writing and design projects can be found on her personal site, haleykamilla.com, as well as on The Culture-ist and later and in Perversion's June, 2016 issue.