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How to Devise Your Own Natural Skin-Care Routine

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Having soft and supple skin is everyone’s dream. However, it is not easy to achieve that goal due to various reasons. For example, spending time outdoors is inevitable, which automatically means that your skin will be exposed to sun damage. Similarly, aging is another factor that plays a major role in skin damage. Therefore, following a skin care routine is essential. Instead of going for products laden with excessively damaging chemicals, you should opt for natural products.

Following a good skin care routine can work wonders for you. However, before you choose ingredients to apply on your skin, you must know your skin type as well.

What is your Skin Type?

Your skin type plays an important role in determining which skin care routine will suit you best. The following are a few suggestions for you to take better care of your skin based on your skin type:

Normal Skin

Having normal skin means you have smaller pores and your skin tone is probably even. In such a case, routine cleansing can work for you. Moreover, for an aging skin, using moisturizers and creams, containing organic substances is a healthy option since they have anti-aging effects as confirmed by various studies.

Oily Skin

While you may have heard many people complaining about their oily skin, it is indeed less prone to damage from environmental factors that normal skin is. However, not only the extra grease is bothersome, larger pores and breakouts are also common for people with oily skin. Considering these issues, it is essential that you find an appropriate product for your skin care routine. Organic ingredients can do it for you.

Combination Skin

Combination skin comes in two forms. Either you have dry cheeks and skin around the eyes with an oily T-zone including nose, chin, forehead or a dry T-zone with oily skin around other areas.

Using organic ingredients for your skin care routine can solve various issues such as inflammation and hyperpigmentation. It can bring out your natural beauty.

The Ideal Skin Care Routine

Washing your face is never enough if you want your skin to stay healthy for many years to come. To ensure that your skin stays healthy, try this ideal skin care routine to get amazing and long lasting results:

1.    Cleansing

Cleansing the skin is the basic part of any skin care ritual. However, you must look for a product that is natural and gets rid of the impurities instead of stripping your skin of the natural oils.

2.    Exfoliating

In case you are planning to exfoliate your skin naturally, you can find a few ingredients lying around at your home that can do it for you. The first one being olive oil because it does not clog the pores and the second being lemon juice. Instead of exfoliating on a daily basis, you should do it only twice a week.

3.    Toner

Using a toner is excellent for removing blemishes. The best natural toner is apple cider vinegar.

4.    Moisturizing

Moisturizing improves skin condition and increases elasticity. Natural moisturizers include coconut oil and cucumber.

For a healthy skin, either you can shop around for all the natural products or you can use the readymade homemade organic skin care kit

This post is sponsored.

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