Dr. Alkaitis: Therapeutic Skin Food


The theory behind the Dr. Alkaitis skin care line is that taking good care of our skin is not just a matter of beauty, but of health and well-being. Alkaitis also believes that whatever we put on our skin, we should be able to ingest, so all of his products are biologically active and free from any synthetic materials.

Alkaitis, a highly regarded research scientist, specializes in the fields of molecular biology, ethnopharmacology (the study of traditional ways of healing with plants), and organics. The company uses 100% pure aloe vera, long revered for its healing properties, as the product base as opposed to water, and all botanicals are ethically wild-crafted. Everything is made in-house, unlike many other brands, and the company is family-owned and operated.

Wedding science and Mother Nature, the line has been praised by many, including men. After two weeks my skin is glowing. I have used many different skin care lines, and have never had people actually comment about my skin and how good it looks as they have after following this regimen. The soothing gel and nourishing oil are both very hydrating during these colder months. The prices are a bit steep, but one only needs to use a very small amount of product and each container lasts up to two months.