Eco Chic Weekly 8/29/09

Eco Chic Weekly compiles the best of the best in green fashion and beauty blogging each week. Please feel free to copy and use this post on your blog with a link back to Fashion, Evolved.


  • Learn how to make ethical fashion choices and upcycle your existing wardrobe this week on Green Girls Global.
  • Check out the Eco Fashion World interview with Maroussia Rebecq, founder of the Andrea Crews Collective.
  • Eco-Chick has rounded up some Eco Fashion News from around the web!
  • The Eco Diva goes local with Etsy.com!
  • Learn about Bangladesh Garment Factories Going Fair Trade at Ethical Style!
  • Check out Curatorial’s Limited Edition Collection featured on Feelgood Style.
  • Green Grechen discusses the impacts of milk silk.
  • Want to see some of the best organic fashion on sale today? Green Lashes and Fashion has a round up!
  • 8 Ways to Get the Closest Eco Shave for Men and Women–on Greenopia!
  • Inhabitat is featuring the very drool-worthy Noon Solar Bags.
  • Modern Hippie Mag has a question about hair oil in their Ask the Beauty Chick column.
  • Are You a Green Beauty? Take the Quiz on Planet Green!
  • Upcycled bags are better the second time around…so says The Alternative Consumer!
  • Join in the Vintage Jewelry Obsession this Fall at The Green Girls.
  • The Thrifty Chicks are Standing Naked in a Thrift Store.
  • Treehugger dishes on the 7 Common Cosmetics Ingredients You Need to Avoid!
  • Fashion, Evolved interviews Jaszy McAllister creator of ethical, beautiful Jaszy’s Jewelry.