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Elvis & Kresse: Bags Made From… Firehoses? Yup.: How I Wear EcoFashion


I got the chance to test out an Elvis & Kresse purse a few months ago, and it is my new favorite accessory—gorgeous and cool enough to carry on its own, but sleek and compact enough to toss into a larger bag when I’m out for the day.

Elvis and Kresse

The most fabulous part? It’s made from retired British firehoses (on the outside), a tough material with tons of heart. The inside is soft reclaimed military-grade parachute silk material. They make all kinds of sweet bags, belts, and men’s stuff too.


Whenever I go to the farmer’s market here in Berkeley, people remark on it (since I’m pulling it out of my basket to pay so frequently), and they inevitably think it’s pretty amazing you can upcycle firehoses into wallets. (That’s some local Blue Bottle coffee and the BEST dolmas I’ve had after my grandma’s; my fave farmer’s market treat!)

Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Market Bounty!

Elvis and kresse 2 elvis and kresse purse

I’m sure I’m going to be carrying this purse/wallet around for years to come. It’s already been to China, Yosemite Park, and Oregon and it looks as new as when I got it 4 months ago!


Haha, had to include this goofy pic of me loving on the wallet….especially because what’s up with my hand? Light—it’s a strange thing sometimes. And by the way, that rad blouse I’m wearing is by Osei Duro. If you don’t know this ecofashion line yet, check it out! Fluorite necklace by Chrisalysm on Etsy.

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