Fashion Lessons for Eco-Chicklets

Do you remember how fun it was as a little girl to go shopping with your mother, big sister, or babysitter? Those memories mark the foundation of our fashion-obsessed natures. The thing is, not all of our fashion role models at the time were eco-fashionistas.

We, as the new generation of role-models and mothers have the incredible ability to excite, educate, and inspire the qualities of an Eco-Chick into our Eco-Chicklets today so that they grow up to become even fiercer than our generation.

Loyale, ABC Carpet & Home, and Sons & Daughters, are just a few of the little boutiques across New York City that carry cute (organic) fashions for the little ones.

Some of the labels, such as Loyale, carry collections that both an adult and child could wear (so you can pick some new stuff up too). The Loyale collection uses 100% Organic Cottons, 100% Organic Cotton Faux Furs and embroidery and factory reclaimed fabrics in its construction, and the garments are all crafted in New York City.

There are definitely more on-line stores than boutiques, but the experience of going into a store or studio, and explaining to your child, niece, younger sister, or granddaughter why her new dress is better than a conventional one from the Gap can’t be beat. Remember that for kids, every experience is ripe for learning something new.

Showing them how to repair their own clothes, or even make their own, is another great way to show a young girl (or boy!) what goes into making her or his clothes (they’ll be able to relate to the usually-underpaid sewers who put together most conventional garments). Letting them pick out patterns and fabrics is a fantastic design lesson.