Flushie Gets Wet This Summer

Few things are as beautifully refreshing as a summer swim. Clear, cool water, the lull of chirping birds, and the bubbling of fecal matter. According to the EPA, sewage overflows deposit nearly 860 billion gallons of sewage in America’s local waterways annually.

A Right to Know for Clean Waters is a campaign to tell Congress that the public should be notified when sewage pours into our waterways.

If you want to know the next time there’s a massive sewage dump (no pun intended) in your local lake or river send an email to your Member of Congress and ask them to support Right-to-Know legislation.

Your voice will help flush out (no pun intended again) the issue of secret sewage spills. Hopefully change will come about and we can go back to enjoying those summer dips, canoeing, paddling, fishing, and floating aimlessly without worrying about e. coli.