Frei Designs Fall/Winter 2009 Collection: Good Mourning

Frei Designs continues to capture my attention, and I think you can see why, below. When I was style editing for Plenty, I chose one of their white blouses for my evening wear shoot and the quality, the unique look, the utter perfection of it’s design made it a standout.

Frei’s Fall/Winter 2009 collection shows a real evolution in design from their first collections, which were noteworthy. See images below and much more on their site. Annie Novotny’s take on modern Victoriana (and interestingly, mourning photography) results in a dark but refined sense of dressing that has really captured a moment in time, an essence of melancholy structure that is apropos and also a bit revolutionary for the times.

Frei Is:

Made with carefully-chosen materials:
• 80% organic
• no agrochemicals
• fast-renewing resources
• low-impact or no-impact dying

Sewn in Chicago by workers who receive a fair and living wage.
Shipped using recycled materials.




And Frei Designs now has it’s own blog, Adventures in Sustainable Design and a boutique too, called Workshop. Located in Chicago.

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