Fun and Fresh Garden Tools to Inspire Your Green Thumb


I love time spent in my garden; it’s relaxing, ever-changing, rewarding (food! flowers!) and feels good. I have a number of tools from (some of them my grandmother’s) and even a few things that are purely decorative. But mostly, the green and colorful gorgeousness of the plants is my main focus.

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This beautiful handforged trowel is made from reclaimed steel that’s made in the USA. It is part of a whole set of classic tools that includes a weeder and a hand hoe too.

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Bamboo gardening gloves are naturally anti-microbial so they won’t get stinky.

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Haws Heritage Watering Cans are classics; made in England (like they always have been), and made to last, they are useful in the garden and are a decorative touch as well.

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Usually, we think of bug repellent as a noxious-smelling thing that must be dealt with, not enjoyed. According to pest controls experts from Pest Control Houston King, It seemed to be that if you like a scent, insects will too.

But, not so fast! Turns out that certain smells are beloved (or at least enjoyed) by humans and are hated by our six-legged friends, like peppermint, citronella, thyme, and cinnamon. This Intelligent Nutrients bug repellent perfume serum (did you ever think you’d see those words next to each other?) repels bugs, but not people, naturally.

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I love a beautiful, unusual planter. This one, cast in concrete from mesquite logs, would look stunning filled with ferns or ivy.

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When you have picked your favorite blooms, show them off against BD Barcelona’s simple and structural Gardenias vases.

Photo Credit: Mike Monaghan

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