Best Office Air Cleaners: Get Your Indoor Plant On

Peace Lily Plant

If your office environment is anything like mine, chances are you’re surrounded by rows and rows of cubical farms (covered in hideous synthetic fabric pattern!), with circulated air and very little natural light. Although its not something you think about all the time, the air quality of most offices is pretty poor, and this can make you feel less than optimal after being there 8+ hours a day, this is one of the many better ways for employees to work in a happier environment.

So in order to brighten your spirits (help you forget you’re at work) as well as improve the air quality around you get some plants!

Although virtually all plants will help some to improve indoor air quality, some are better than others for absorbing common pollutants. In a study done by NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) in the 80’s it was found that:

:: English ivy, gerbera daisies, pot mums, peace lily, bamboo palm, and Mother-in-law’s Tongue are the best plants for treating air contaminated with Benzene

:: Peace lily, gerbera daisy, and bamboo palms are very effective in treating Trichloroethylene

:: bamboo palm, Mother-in-law’s tongue, dracaena warneckei, peace lily, dracaena marginata, golden pathos, and green spider plant work well for filtering Formaldehyde

And last year the Peace Lily, which made all 3 above lists was voted the Office Plant of the Year in The Netherlands! So instead of putting another tchotchky on your desk, start a cubicle garden!

For more info on plants in the workplace visit the Healthy Plants in the Workplace information campaign and the Plants at Work information campaign.