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Get Your Vegan Mink Shoes at a MASSIVE Discount!



Mink shoes are vegan. But there’s no way you would know that from looking at them, which has always been the aim of the founder and designer extraordinaire, Rebecca Mink.

And now Rebecca (who, by the way, a seriously wonderful human being, on top of being a great designer) is offering her shoes via an awesome Indiegogo campaign where you can get her shoes at a big discount directly from the factory in Italy.


Not only are Mink shoes vegan, they are handmade in Italy by fairly paid workers who really know their stuff—so these shoes will last much longer than a season.


In fact, Rebecca Mink’s business partner is a Florence-based shoemaker with over 20 years of experience in the shoe biz! Besides the high quality, Rebecca has been making shoes ever since I met her, over 6 years ago now, so she also knows how to design and see through shoe production from idea to on-your-foot. AND she’s always doing awesome initiatives to help animals (she just worked with Mercy for Animals on a fundraiser for them).

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So with Mink shoes, you are both supporting animals AND getting a gorgeous, well-made shoe.


As Rebecca Mink explains, shoes are pretty complex to manufacture:

Making shoes is an incredible process! It is like being an architect each time you create a new style. It has to hold weight, move and fit the foot right. Then the design process has many elements. Different components are manufactured, created and sewn in sometimes over 15 factories just to make one shoe. Think about it.


Personally, I’m obsessed with these gold-toed espadrilles. Which ones will you pick up?


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