Growing a Greener Apartment

Living in a city, especially one as walking and public-transport oriented as New York, is way more sustainable than the ‘burbs or the country, since resources for so many people are centralized. You can go even greener by renting or buying an apartment that’s in one of the green buildings that are cropping up in the NY-metro area. Check this fun video out on the greening of New York City’s real-estate market, and get a few peeks inside what those LEED-certified eco-apartments look like (fun)!

It’s a little light on the specifics, which I was curious about….what exactly are the energy savings over a tradtional apartment, what materials are used in building and insulation, any wastewater innovations, and how much better is the air quality in one of these pads? Still, a fun eco-centric watch for those who are into real-estate porn (guilty!).

Starre Vartan is founder and editor-in-chief of Eco-Chick.com and the author of the Eco-Chick Guide to Life. She's also a freelance science and environment writer who has published in National Geographic, CNN, Scientific American, Mental Floss, Pacific Standard, the NRDC, and many more. She lives on an island in Puget Sound with her partner and black cat. She was a geologist in her first career, and still picks up rocks wherever she goes.