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Hairspiration: Wedding (or Weekend!) Hairstyles for All Hair Types

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Summer hairstyles are a little bit more free, and a lot more fun. They give you the liberty to do creative things, like add flowers to your hairdo or put everything up in a messy bun with a cute accessory—but they can also be a challenge, especially if you are starting with curly, frizzy or thin hair (doesn’t it seem like all hair tutorials are done by women with thick, straight locks?). What do the rest of us do?

So we put together this group of styles for curly hair, short hair, thin hair and more. From coifed coils to bang-ed up bobs, here are some styles that will keep you fierce-n-fresh as you celebrate summer—your way.


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This hairstyle is for those of you who love LENGTH. A sultry middle part and plump, glossy waves are perfect for a late afternoon wedding. Don’t have that kind of length? Don’t worry. We have a way you can get it. Remember when we featured ethical hair extensions? Great Lengths provides extensions that have been ethically sourced from willing heads. No temple hair theft, and no bad karma to ruffle your ‘do. These extensions are an easy way to add some more volume to achieve this thick and luxurious look. If you want to replicate it, consider adding a classic Indian Tikka, the hair line jewelry, from Beau Flutterby to bring this look from gorgeous to fabulous!

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Simple and wavy is the way to go for no-fuss brides with thinner, straight hair that just won’t curl. This style is easy, breezy, and perfect for a beach wedding ceremony. The India inspired crown headband may have sold out on Asos, but Etsy has you covered on all things trendy and bridal. Check out Tatieshotties’s rhinestone crown headband for just a touch of bling. Score some shine serum—look to Original & Mineral for a macadamia nut infused formula, and use an iron to add some wave and texture, then quickly spray well with an organic hairspray like Aubrey Organics NuStyle Organic Hairspray; then forget about your hair and commit to a fun night!


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Defined curls look stunning in a classic, and simple up-do. The first step to achieving this look is great curl definition. I recommend Jane Carter‘s award winning Curl Defining Cream to get your curls super moist, and pliable. Add some luxe vintage-inspired crystal hair pins from Jills Boutique to round out the look. Remember: Bobby pins are your best friend. They are super cheap, and the cornerstone of any chic hairstyle.


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Courtesy of Garden of  Whimsy

This look is so charming that I want to make #BrideswithBangs a trending topic on Twitter. This style is both contemporary and feminine and the bangs add a classic touch of 60s mod. The loose waves frame the face against the bluntness of those alluring bangs. Adding the flower crown makes this look Diana (Princess of Wales) regal. Flowers are always flawless hair accessories. You can score your own flower crown from Garden of Whimsy on Etsy. They come in very groovy shapes, sizes, and colors!


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Short, curly, finger waves go so well with a strong red lip! This is an ideal look for the ultra-sexy offbeat bride or bridesmaid. Start by using this energy efficient Dry Bar Barrel Curling Iron to add some messy curls to your bob, and pair your short do with a matte BRIGHT red mineral lipstick from Daniel Sandler—currently on sale at Asos, and VOILA, you’re ready to make a red carpet entrance. This look is limitless. Not a bride? Dial down the lips with some Jane Iredale PureGloss Lip gloss in Sugar Plum, and tailor this look for your duty as a bridesmaid, guest, or gawker.


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With a great holding gel, and an elegant birdcage veil, this easy style is a great way to turn super-curly hair into an stunning, and seductive style. Having naturally coiled hair can seem limiting, especially if you appreciate your naturally tightly wound hair texture—I try to manage my coils by keeping them super short and moisturized.

A simple dig through natural hair care blogs will prove that your fluffy curls are not only manageable, but super versatile. This style is all about the simple beauty of coiled curls. By adding the birdcage veil—you can, of course, bag one on Etsy at Simply Bleu Bridal, and using Giovanni Cosmetics Eco Chic Technology Custom Hair Modeler you too can have gorgeous, smooth, and kinky aisle-ready hair.

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This timeless look is ideal for straight and thick hair. The bun in the back is an impeccable place to affix any accessory, though I love the large white satin flower. This look is channeling the vibrant spirit of dark haired, sensual flamenco dancers. To achieve it, get your hands on some Aubrey Organics Hair Smoothing Serum to fight the frizz, and add a terrific organza, pale pink rose—to add some color—from Bethany Lorelle Bridal Hair Accessories. I love that this look allows you to play up a strong face, specifically the brows. Try the Jane Iredale Brow Gel and score some glam points. Twisted-Bun-Wedding-Hairstyle3.jpg
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Those of you with thin hair may worry about doing a classic up-do. Getting fine hair to hold volume can feel like surfing on a mudslide, but we’ve got you covered. All you need are some handy hair/bobby pins, a great hold hair spray—try the same Aubrey Organic Hairspray mentioned above, and some preparation with a volumizing treatment: Check out John Masters Organics deep scalp follicle treatment & volumizer for thinning hair, and this do can be a great fit for you! Add whimsy by pulling down tendrils of hair to softly frame your glowing face.


Don’t feel like doing these wedding hairstyles on your own? If you would rather hire a professional and live in the tri-state area, check out, Grace Heaven, one of our fave natural hair salons.

Topmost image featuring images, left to right, by Favlyne, Augustin Rafael-Reyes, and Monroe’s Dragonfly; all Flickr.

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