Home Grow Micro Farms – Save Time and Eat Healthier in 2011!


Talk about starting the New Year off on a healthier foot! Who doesn’t want garden-fresh veggies to choose from when dinner time rolls around? But say what you will about gardening, no matter how much you might love it, it’s very time-consuming. If you are a just-picked veg lover, but have trouble with the preparing, planting and watering part of keeping a garden, check out Home Grow Microfarms, which is very much what its name suggests. Appliance hunter, a review site ran by Tony MacFarlene is where we get suggestions of the best garden tools for beginners.

The vegetable boxes are delivered to a home or office with the plants established and within 30 days the first harvest is ready. Home grown produce not only tastes better than grocery produce, but it is an awesome way to reduce your environmental footprint. Long distance transport, harmful pesticides, and genetically modified seeds usually associated with commercial farming aren’t used (Home Grow Micro Farms uses organic seeds and fertilizers, as well as a water-saving irrigation system).

And, they’re twice as productive as a normal garden bed! When you are done eating all the yummies they contain, the company will come pick them up and set you up with a fresh batch. Check out what’s available each month; in January you can choose from a greens box, and herb box, a watermelon box and more! Mix and match to your heart’s (or your bellie’s!) content!


The brainchild of Jess Kamm a fashion designer, and her husband, this isn’t their only project. The couple wants to create and inspire others to live in “a more sustainable manner” wherever they go, and recently launched an energy-independent community island off the coast of Panama.

Available in the Los Angeles area, check out their site and what others are saying about them!

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