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How to Wear a Kaftan with Jeans

The beauty of kaftans is their versatility—you can wear them in almost any style and with nearly any outfit.

Have you just bought your kaftan from Kaftko or any other store, and you would love to wear it with a pair of jeans?

Here is how to wear a kaftan with jeans:

Go for fit slim jeans

The key to looking good with jeans is to choose jeans with a slim fit. Great options are cigarette pants, skinny jeans, and cropped pedal pusher jeans.

When it comes to the color of the jeans, the world is literary your oyster, but you need to ensure that the color complements your kaftan.

You will find most people wearing their kaftans with white jeans as they add a light, bright and summery feel. But you don’t have to limit yourself to these as plenty of other colors are available.

There are black and blue jeans that are universal classics, and they coordinate with almost anything. If you aren’t sure about the right color to go with, these are the ones to go for.

For that great look, wear your jeans with a slightly larger kaftan. If you are concerned that this might add too much width and bulk to your frame, replace your flat sandals or pumps with leg-lengthening wedges.

You can also wear shoes in nude shades that will make your legs look longer and leaner, complimenting any kaftan color and pattern.

Besides wearing your kaftan with jeans, there are plenty of other ways you can wear it. Some of these ways include: wearing the kaftan with leggings, a belt, a short kaftan, and in winter.

How to wear a kaftan with leggings

Leggings are more comfortable than jeans, so you can stay in them for a long time.

While leggings are great, they are best suited for casual events, so avoid wearing them to formal events.

The key to looking good with leggings is to keep it simple. If the leggings are a color or pattern you wouldn’t wear as tights, don’t wear them.

Like jeans, always wear tight-fitting leggings. Avoid looser leggings as they risk making you look saggy. The only time you should wear the loose leggings is when wearing an extremely loose, flowing kaftan, and in such a case, ensure that the kaftan and leggings match in style and fabric, as it’s the case with Punjabi suits.

You can wear leggings with kaftans of different sizes, so whether you have a short, mid-length, or long kaftan, you are good to go.

Although leggings under your kaftan are stylish and beautiful, avoid wearing them to an evening event as they look out of place.

If going out on a hot summer night, you are better off going bare-legged rather than wearing leggings.

You also should avoid wearing leggings with your kaftans to a cocktail or any other semi-formal event.

As mentioned above, keep your leggings simple. Even if you wear leggings to a casual event, always save the livelier patterns for the kaftan and go for neutral-colored leggings such as black and navy blue.

If you want to show off your wild leggings, wear them under a pair of shorts or tunic. Not under a kaftan.

How to wear a kaftan with a belt

Adding a belt to a kaftan is an excellent way to add a structured look. When you cinch up the kaftan fabric with a stylish belt, you create a more defined silhouette that is beautiful and inviting.

Like with the leggings and jeans, always wear plain, simple belts when wearing colored kaftans.

If you don’t have a belt, you can always use your scarf or any other belt-looking accessories.

How to wear a short kaftan

Most kaftans are long, but if you love wearing short outfits, there is nothing wrong with wearing a short kaftan.

To look the best with the short kaftan, choose the right length. As a rule of thumb, avoid an outfit that is too short.

An ideal length is right below your fingertips when you rest your arms on either side. Don’t go shorter than this.

Remember that a kaftan of the right length is not only comfortable, but also complements your body, giving you an inviting look.

When wearing a short accessory, your legs are your biggest accessory, so let them be the center of attention by keeping the rest of the accessories minimal and straightforward.

When it comes to shoes, stay away from high heels as they make it harder to walk, doubling your stress, as you have to worry about the short dress and the risk of tipping or falling over.

The elevated heel height also gives the impression of an even shorter dress, making you even more uncomfortable.

Go for comfy flats or sneakers to have an easier time and look beautiful. If you have to wear heels, go for smaller heels such as kitten heels.

How to wear a kaftan in winter

Although kaftans look summery and most people wear them then, you can always wear yours in winter. At this time, the aim is to look good and remain warm.

And the cool thing is that with proper styling and teaming with the right accessories, you can have that perfect warm winter look.

The quickest way to add warmth to your kaftan is to pick up a scarf. Wear a scarf made from wool or a knit-based textile for maximum warmth. The scarf should have colors that blend with or are present in the kaftan’s color tone to avoid looking out of place.

You can add a pair of thick stockings and if the kaftan is short, add a pair of jeans. While you can wear any jeans color, black jeans often look the best.

Throw on a coat, jacket, gloves, and a beanie for those extra bitter days. And for the super chilly days, wear a thermal singlet underneath. You can’t see through the kaftan, so you discreetly keep your body nice and toasty through the silk.


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