Mapu in Barcelona


Mapu, with its wide-ranging array of organic and biologic products, and focus on mother´s and women, is a must-stop spot for the environmentally minded eco-chick tourist while in Barcelona.

Mapu is tucked away in the maze-like Bari Gotic — the old quarter of Barcelona. If you weren’t looking for it, you most likely wouldn’t find it. It is run by the friendly Puri Gomez and her helpful hijo (son).

The storefront displays everything from eco baby toys to rice milk. The inside is cramped, but all of your organic needs can be met. Organic vegetables, biologic wines, Weleda cosmetics, earth-friendly cleaning products, and a wide assortment of flavored tofu choices line the tight shelves.

Looking for products that may be of interest specifically to women, Puri introduced me to the Moon Cup. It is a reusable menstrual cup that is made from soft silicone rubber. Apparently it is all the rage in Barcelona. Initially only enviro-friendly consumers were asking for it but now girls are coming in by the dozens seeking this alternative to tampons. Along the same lines, she showed me Sea Pearls. These Atlantic sea sponge tampon alternatives are safe, natural and reusable.

Go There: Mapu; Desarrollo Sostenible Magdalenes 7 08002 Barcelona

Call: +34 93 317 55 25