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Myrrhia: Zero-Waste, Sustainable Knitwear with a Modern Take

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At this point, I’m just haunting Myrrhia‘s site, obsessed as I am with the juxtapositions of this label’s pieces. It’s soft and cozy sustainable knitwear, but it’s incredibly clean-lined; bright colors and modernist patterns recall home-decor designs, but the collection is made up of wearable-anywhere dresses, vests, and a high-waisted skirt; its crafted, but not crafty.

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The made-in-California label uses zero-waste via flat knitting technology, so that each piece can be fully fashioned sans yarn waste, and all yarns and fibers areĀ grown and spun in the US.

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According to the note on each piece in the online shop:

In Oakland, California, we knit each piece fully fashion with no waste using cutting edge flat knitting technology and the highest quality linked finishes. The Material: 100% Merino Wool. Our yarn is made of cashmere-grade merino that feels incredible against the skin. Scientific research has proved that merino wool is the highest-performing fiber in the world. Natural fibers spun and dyed with low-impact dyes here in the United States. Save our waterways.

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Myrrhia: Zero-Waste, Sustainable Knitwear with a Modern Take

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