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Organic Essences: Compostable Packaging, Pure-as-Can-Be Ingredients


I’m a bit of a beauty-products addict. It’s becoming a problem. (We had to put in extra shelves in the bathroom!) Luckily, being a conscious consumer does not have to interfere with my love of all things beauty-related. Especially when they are made by companies like Organic Essence.

A few awesome facts about the company before we get started:

Organic Essence products are free from petroleum products, GMOs, and animal testing. They are made in the USA out of real ingredients (that I can actually pronounce). And they are USDA Certified Organic.

Even more awesome is Organic Essence’s packaging, which is totally compostable (like in your garden bin compostable). Why? The company explains:

“A 30′ juvenile sperm whale washed up on a Crescent City, CA local beach. Scientists determined that it starved to death from ingesting plastic. At that time, all of Organic Essence’s products were being produced with inherently wasteful plastic packaging. Organic Essence realized that a global packaging paradigm needed to be implemented. Thus, innovating the paper eco jar and eco tube for organic creams and balms. The paper labels and adhesive (casein) are plastic free, so that the eco tubes and jars can be safely composted into your garden.”

Shea Body Butter

Even the clear outer wrap (which looks like plastic and had me completely fooled) is Polylactic Acid, which is also compostable, though it takes longer than to break down than the tubes and jars.

It takes a lot of courage to admit that you’ve been wrong, and to try to change. I applaud Organic Essence for their stance on sustainability. I can’t wait to compost my jars! If your company needs custom soap boxes that are made of sustainable materials, visit yourboxsolution for assistance.

Just a quick heads-up to vegans out there: Some of these products do contain beeswax. I forgot to mention my veganism when coordinating the product review (so that is 100% my fault). I also did not read the ingredients until after testing the products. I really should have my head examined. I will make it clear in my review when the products are vegan and when they are not. The beeswax is USDA certified (of course) and locally sourced whenever possible.



I don’t wear deodorant often. I don’t often get sweaty or smelly, and most deodorant is extremely irritating to my skin (and that irritation will make me perspire, the exact opposite of the product’s intent). However, I bit the bullet and tried the Organic Confidence Relentless All Day Deodorant (contains beeswax/not vegan). Because I don’t have much of an issue with sweat or stink, I can’t really tell you if it conquers those problems. What I can tell you is that I had zero irritation and that the product smells absolutely heavenly. I have been constantly trying to discreetly sniff myself while wearing this; it just smells so clean.


Lip Balm

I am an absolute fiend for lip products. I keep them in my nightstand, purse, and my desk at work. The Organic Lip Balm in Raspberry (contains beeswax/not vegan) is a great product. It is lightly scented, but not overwhelming. The product’s texture is incredibly smooth and not sticky. The balm is super effective at keeping my lips soft, even in this dry winter weather.


Whipped Shea Body Butters

The Whipped Shea Body Butters and the Shea Essential Vital Facial Support were tied as my absolute favorite products. I will officially lie down and die for these. The texture is delicious, the scent is heavenly, and the products are 100% vegan.

The Whipped Body Butters are great moisturizers. They absorb quickly, so your skin doesn’t feel all greasy after you apply them. I like to use the Jasmine butter to moisturize my tattoos (and my dry elbows) before bed. My partner has even put some in his beard!


I can predict that the Vital Facial Support is going to be my new ride-or-die night-time facial moisturizer. It might be a little heavy for summer, but it is a winter savior. I sincerely wish that it was possible for everyone to smell these products, because I absolutely can’t do it justice. They all smell clean, and delicious, and natural, and yet the scent is never intrusive.

Overall, I am fully hooked on the Whipped Shea Butters and Facial Support; if the other products lose the beeswax I will be a customer for life!

Organic Essence was kind enough to send me some products to review, but all of the opinions are my own.

Main image of hand via Jamie Nealy/Flickr Creative Commons.

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