Organic Stereo Cute Tunicness

Call me a kid, but I love the little-girl-in-a-tunic look that’s so prevalent this summer. I like wearing them over short-shorts since I’m a little tall to rock them purely as a dress, but I’m betting my more petite sisters could definitely get away with it. I like that I can wear these as a cover-up at the beach or as a blouse.

Those below are from Organic Stereo, a company which minds its dyes (all chlorine and pvc-free), it’s fabrics (100% organic cotton) AND even its decorative elements (cute shoulder buttons are made from 70% recycled paper!). If you’re tempted, they are both 25% off, so sail forth!

marianne dress £45
Marianne Dress

hanging garden w flowers
Hanging Garden blouse

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