Pretty in Portland: Plywerk Group Show @ Olio United

They walked along listening to the singing of the brightly colored birds and looking at the lovely flowers which now became so thick that the ground was carpeted with them.  There were big yellow and white and blue and purple blossoms, besides great clusters of scarlet poppies, which were so brilliant in color they almost dazzled Dorothy’s eyes.

L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz

Yellena James
artwork by Yellena James

Olio United boutique in Portland, Oregon is exhibiting for the month of February (show opens Friday, February 6) prints by four female West Coast artists. The colorful and cheerful artworks by Yellena James, Betsy Walton, Joanna Bean, and Kim Oanh Nguyen are being sold online (sale starting Monday, February 9). To make things even brighter, pricing starts at $35 and all piece have been finished and mounted on sustainably-harvested wood and bamboo panels by Plywerk. Let the sun shine in!

Betsy Walton
artwork by Betsy Walton
Joanna Bean
artwork by Joanna Bean
Kim Oanh Nguyen
artwork by Kim Oanh Nguyen