Puerto Rican Style Goes 70's Fabulous: Auralis' Spring 2010 Collection at The Greenshows

Check out my interview with Auralis designer Auralis Herrero Lugo, backstage at The Greenshows.

Auralis’ Spring/Summer 2011 collection is inspired by hot & steamy 70’s Puerto Rico, from whence the designer hails (though she now calls NYC home). Think fashions that would work beautifully in those pre-A/C days but still have plenty of tropical flair, and you’ll understand Auralis’ influences (a look back at her Fall/Winter 2010 collection reveals some strong similarities in style, drape and sexiness).

Every piece in this collection was very wearable, with fun, bright colors that weren’t ‘too much’ to really wear of an evening out. And something that’s a bit tougher to tell from the pix, but which I noticed as the models glided by, was that these are pretty comfortable clothes, overall, from the supereasy-sexy caftan to the roomy draped shorts and the simple jacket (all below). And a few men’s pieces to round out the line made it a very strong group of pieces overall. And way cool to boot.

Backstage after the Auralis show; Auralis Herrero Lugo, designer, in blue jumpsuit.

Ahimsa Peace Silk dress, in Naguabo Gold: This is a dress to go to town in.

If the front of this gorgeous caftan isn’t enough for you, check out the back, below!

No doubt. Now THAT’s a sexy caftan.

These harem pants are my favorite piece of the collection; I will be sporting them all next summer if I can get my hands on them….

There were a number of men’s styles on the runway; really cute shirts and shorts that were totally wearable for hip urban guys.

The perfect, ultra-feminine draping on these hemp/organic cotton shorts made me think that Summer, 2011 was not as far off as it seems.

This hemp/organic cotton jumpsuit is both sweetly feminine and totally wearable. And made of soy jersey, so easy on the earth too.

The print on these shorts (see close view below) was created by Auralis and her friend, and screenprinted in Brooklyn with water-based dyes.

Mod-Whimsical original Auralis print!

This jumpsuit is both subtly sexy and would make great sleepwear/planewear!

A raffia belt worked as a gorgeous juxtaposition of rough/earthy with all the smooth silks and cool cottons (see below).

Simple. Easy. Beautiful. Cool. What Summer should be….

Soy jersey top and hemp/organic cotton trousers.

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All images by Starre Vartan.

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