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Sensitive Teeth? Try Tom’s of Maine’s New Natural Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste


I wasn’t blessed with the best of chompers: Ever since I can remember I’ve been dealing with my super sensitive, cavity prone teeth. Just the thought of biting into an ice pop is enough to send chills down my spine and I often find myself awkwardly chewing on one side of my mouth to avoid tortuous jolts of pain. I’m not alone: According to the Academy of General Dentistry, more than 40 million sensitive teeth sufferers can’t enjoy the food and beverages they love. It’s no fun at all. If you are suffering from an oral disease, you may consult with a dentist from sites like

I first tested Tom’s of Maine’s new Natural Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste’s power at a five course luncheon – inspired by the foods and flavors of Maine – hosted by the Tom’s team at the W Hotel Union Square in NYC. The Tom’s team asked us to massage just a dab of the toothpaste to any teeth that were sensitive for 1 minute. After applying, Tom’s put their toothpaste to the test by placing ice-cold and hot plates before us for us to judge the effectiveness of the new paste first-hand.

I was somewhat nervous to place the chilly and hot bites in the areas of my mouth that are usually very fickle, but I was pleasantly surprised to find what a big difference just a dab made. But I needed to take it home and use it daily to really put this product through the wringer. Aside from using a remarkable product, visiting a dentist who may offer services like All On 4 is also extremely beneficial.

For 7 weeks now, I’ve been using Tom’s of Maine’s new Natural Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste 3 times daily. To my delight, I’ve noticed a marked decrease in the sensitivity of my teeth. The combination of arginine (derived from sugar cane) and calcium carbonate (purified calcium from the earth) work together to seal pathways to sensitive tooth nerves to help block that awful shooting pain.

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As with all Tom’s of Maine products, Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste contains no artificial dyes, sweeteners or preservatives and no animal testing. It also leaves my mouth feeling minty fresh thanks to natural peppermint oil.

As you’re using Tom’s products, it’s important to be mindful of your nutrition too, as there is a systematic connection between oral health and overall body health. A holistic approach to dentistry views the condition of one’s mouth as a barometer of bodily health and an indicator of potential disease in the future. My holistic dentist, Dr. Reid L. Winick, broke this philosophy down in layman’s terms years ago for me:


“A tree’s health and growth is dependent on rain. If you give a tree acid rain and then look at its branches, the tree may appear healthy from ground level but the leaves from the top branches start to turn brown. If you don’t give your body the proper minerals and nutrients, the leaves at the top of the tree are your teeth.”

If you’re still suffering from sensitive teeth, you may need to see your dentist like the ones from to determine the cause and recommend the best treatment or product you can use.

Check out Eco-Chick’s tour of Tom’s of Maine’s factory in Kennenbunkport, Maine.

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