Shift Media Brings the Green into Holiday Shopping


If you were like me and did not want to brace the ‘black Friday’ shoppers, yet you wanted to find the greatest deals and holiday gifts, have I got a great holiday shopping site for you. SHIFT Media has introduced ShiftYourGift.com, a sustainable shopping site that allows you to do your holiday shopping, donate 5% of your purchase to the Non-Profit Organization of your choice, and promote a healthier eco-friendly and ethical lifestyle in one simple transaction.

Here is everyone’s chance to make a difference. It’s quite simple and only requires the click of your mouse and a credit or debit card.

Take a look at some of the innovative products you will find on line:

  • solio_c.jpgThe SOLIO Portable Hybrid Solar Charger allows you to save energy, save money, and avoid having to carry multiple chargers ever again. Small, light-weight and with a sleek modern design, the SOLIO charger allows you to store and use the sun’s natural energy to charge anything: IPod, cell phone, PDA, PSP and digital camera- anytime, anywhere. (www.solio.com)
  • Awarded the 2005 Shiny Telewest “Green Gadget of the Year,” VOLTAIC Solar Bags are mobile power generators that integrate light-weight, tough, waterproof solar panels to the outer pockets of stylish 52.jpgbackpacks and messenger bags. Good for travel, hiking, camping, or just walking around the city, each solar bag includes a Lithium Ion battery pack that stores any surplus power generated, as well as a set of 11 standard adaptors for charging common small electronic devices like: cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, and PDA’s. (www.voltaicsystems.com)
  • 1c.jpgMade in the USA, aGaiN NYC’s (fRoM JunK tO FunK) limited edition handbags and accessories are environmentally and socially conscious products made from rescued and repurposed materials (JunK) transformed into stylish accessories for modern life (FunK).
  • 34.jpgOther featured products will be Citizen Solar Watches, Heavenly Touch Soy Candles and Lotions by EO Products, Forever Flashlights, Recycled Leather Bound Journals from ScribesDelight.com, Organic Cotton Stuffed Bunny from PeaceToys.com, and more.

Have fun shopping and making a difference in many people’s lives this holiday season!.