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Bazsarozsa's Strappy, Modernist Dream Lingerie


With New York Fashion Week coming right up (next week, excitement!), I’m definitely thinking about my fall wardrobe, but before I do, I’ve been seriously contemplating a complete underwear overhaul. I feel like most of what I have in the ‘lingerie’ department is old, boring, silly, or ill-fitting. Much of it is stuff I bought in my 20’s which was quite some time ago at this point.


And since I have vowed never to shop at Victoria’s Secret again (between the ridiculous Angel ‘fashion’ shows, the cheesy designs, and the high prices even in light of the fact that they use near slave labor), I’m looking for replacements, slowly but surely.


The beautifully-designed Bazsarozsa is almost too simple for me. But it’s that clean-lined modernism that in the end, showcases a woman’s curves that much more.


And of course, Bazsarozsa (the Hungarian word for Peony flower) is made in the USA (NYC to be exact!) from organic cotton jersey.


According to their site: “Bazsar√≥zsa was born of the idea that a woman should be able to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time, and should be able to do so every day.”

It’s no surprise that the line is designed by a woman.


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