Smoky Eyes How To with Christopher Drummond Natural Makeup

Jennifer Lopez smokey eye

We are a big fans of the smoky eye here at Eco Chick (check out a how-to video here) but some of us are better at application than others. I need lots of instruction (especially with eye detail) and was lucky enough to get this very specific run down from Christopher Drummond, celebrity makeup artist to Jennifer Lopez, Brooke Shields, Jane Fonda, Glenn Close and Eve Ensler.

According to Christopher, “A big trend both in fashion and in makeup for the holidays is the “moonstruck” look. Nothing says glamour like a gown and smoky eyes.”

Christopher’s tips for achieving the perfect smokey eye:

1. Start with a beige shadow base all over the entire lid.

2. Take a gold shadow, and apply it 3/4 of the way up, not quite all the way up to the brow. Leave some space between where you stop and the brow.

3. Apply a blue/grey shadow from the crease (middle) of the eye to the base of the lashes. Be sure to blend it well, back and forth. This helps the product adhere, and stay on longer.

4. On the outer corner of the lid, blend in a purple eye shadow to give some extra “sizzle.” Blend well.

5. Finally, use a black liner to line the base of the lashes. Follow with mascara.

To compliment the smokey eyes, Christopher suggests lush lips and radiant cheeks. The new Fall/Winter 2009 Color Collection from Christopher Drummond Beauty has products for all the trends for holiday in one collection (plus it’s all-natural, vegan and organic).

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