Fair Fashion

Sustainable Summer Sandals At Every Price!

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As the temperature rises,  your toes will begin to beg for some playing time. With ethical and eco-friendly options this fly, you’ll have no problem baring it all (at least below the ankle). All the shoes on this list are built to last and were made ethically.

Serap Pollard: Fair-trade sourced vegan leather shoes have never looked so sexy. I’m lusting hard after these lovelies. Get. On. Mah. Feet. Now.

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Rock+Pillar Izhi Handmade Leather Sandals ($85): Hand-woven textiles and pure leather create a gorgeous shoe that supports sustainable communities of South American artisans.

fanny-heel-colicoCoclico Fanny Heel ($450): These gorgeous heels are built on a leather-wrapped, recycled cork platform. Coclico’s boutique is in SoHo, so ask to wear them home and brave the cobblestone streets in style!


Neuaura Tulip Shoes ($33.99): Mixing canvas and vegan patent leather, these dainty low-wedges are made ethically in China (sweatshop-free). Your feet (and the feet of the employees manufacturing these under humane conditions) will thank you.

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Mink Blowfish sandals: These puppies will go with jeans, flowy skirts and short skirts too. What more could you ask for? What, you want them vegan too? Of course! All of Mink’s fabulous heels are animal-free.


Melissa Harmonic Garden ($80): Crafted from sustainably-produced plastic, these 100% vegan shoes are made in monitored fair labor factories in Brazil. They’re also, quite obviously, made for fairy frolicking in a fabulous garden, so get to it!

sseko-ivory-champagne-silk-sandalsSseko Ivory Champagne Silk Sandals ($64.99): Sseko employs Ugandan women looking to break the poverty cycle and further their educations, using locally sourced materials for their sandals. Order a few extra ribbons or swap up tying patterns and turn these babies into multi-trick-ponies.


Tulip Artisan Little Red Riding Hood Sandals ($85): These dainty shoes are handmade from upcycled leather. This is about as close to barefoot as you can get without going au natural.

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