The Breast Cancer and Lotion Connection

During a breast cancer symposium in San Antonio, investigators reported that women are dosing themselves in extra estrogen without even knowing it. Why is this of concern you ask? Well, when estrogen is absorbed through the skin, it is recognized as a higher more efficient concentration than that of oral digestion. Excess estrogen levels can lead to breast cancer and worsen existing cases.

The team at Breastlink conducted a study where they tested 16 common body lotions for estrogen-like compounds. Though none of the lotions/moisturizers listed estrogen in their ingredients, 6 samples revealed that they contained estrogen-like compounds. Unfortunately, none of those brands were released yet.

If you read my The Green Doula post on the pro’s and cons of essential oils for pregnancy and childcare, you may be thinking like I am. I pointed out how certain lavender strains’ effect  infant pre-adolescence boys’ hormonal levels and growth.  Maybe those brands tested in this study contained a lavender fragrant scent. Lavender has an adequate level of estrogen. ( Using too much lavender on a constant basis, especially if it is not harvested in a sustainable matter, can through off hormonal balances in pre-adolescence. Has there been enough investigation as to its effects on adult women? I am sure we will be hearing more from this investigation soon.

In the meantime, you can use simple body moisturizers such as Sunflower, Almond or Olive oil. Yes, these food items are nutrients for your skin. If you are used to buying your moisturizers from places other than a food store, check out these products:

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Checkout this Morrocan Rose Otto Oil from Ren. Rose Otto Rose Otto is known to be purifying and regulating to the female reproductive system. It regulates hormones and strengthens the uterus.  It is great for all types of skin.

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Almond Cookie Butter from Carol’s daughter is a yummy delicious body butter made free of Paraben, mineral oil, petroleum, and artificial color. It contains shea and cocoa butter, jojoba and sweet almond oil and is ideal for dry skin.

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Check out Giovanni’s Grapefruit Sky Lotion. For those of you who prefer lotions to oils and butters, this organic lotion has a gentle blend of hydrating cold-pressed essential oils.