The New Green Gem

Will Esquire, Harper’s BAZAAR, or maybe even O Magazine have the next big talked about “Green” Issues?

This I thought to myself while admiring the NYC skyline from within Central Park on an amazing Saturday afternoon. There was one particular building I was starring at, that made me think that this would be in the works shortly. Why?

The parent company of the above publications, The Hearst Corporation, was the owner of the building that held my focus while I was in the park. Next month, the new Hearst tower is set to open its doors as one of the 1st “Gold Certified”  Green Office Towers in New York City.    

 The Hearst Building 

Located at 300 West 57th Street, this immaculate structure designed by reknowned London-based architect Norman Foster, is a true ecosystem in itself. Superior indoor air quality, uber energy efficiency and self-sustainability, formaldehyde-free furniture, and carpet made of 100% recycled content, its architecture and interior design is green design at its best. NYC’s new emerald is sure to be the model form to guide future construction in the “Big Green Apple” and across the country.

I am sur
e others share my hope that in a few years from now, the New York City Skyline will be regarded as the “Emerald City”, a city filled with “Green” buildings that are not only brilliantly engineered but also aesthetically magnificent like a rare gem. The NYT just wrote on this very concept about green office building’s expansion in the city.