Two Green Reasons I Love Brad and Angelina!

First off, As a green doula, I have to applaud Angelina for gracing the cover of the new W magazine while breastfeeding. Awesome that the photographer just so happened to be her husband, Brad Pitt. Angelina is inspirational because she has confidently taken a stand and is sending a message loud and clear. Women who are mothers are naturally beautiful and breastfeeding is a normal natural phenomenon that should be accepted as a social norm.

Though the cover picture is just a simple black and white photo, and there were no fancy film crews in their home, there still remains evident a beautiful halo of motherhood.

Breastfeeding is healthy and super beneficial for mother and child. It is unfortunate that over the years, breastfeeding has been given a taboo cloak, though that does seem to be slowly changing. Because of these tainted views, many women aren’t given the freedom, encouragement and support that they need to give nutrients to their child, build their immune systems, reduce a their own risk of certain types of cancer, and more.

With this cover, a dialogue can begin again.

Secondly, Brad Pitt has collaborated with beauty brand Kiehl’s to create the first ever Cradle-to-Cradle certified beauty product (environmentally safe, healthy , designed for material reutilization,etc.)  The Aloe Vera Liquid Body Cleanser that Brad helped design and developed the scent, debuts this month.

He also wrote a little message on the label to inform everyone where proceeds from their purchase will go:

Despite the negative tabloidization of their lives, I think Brangelina are amazing and inspirational.