"50 Simple Steps to Save the Earth from Global Warming"

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50 Simple Steps to Save the Earth from Global Warming by the Green Patriot Working Group is a really accessible guide of 50 simple steps to take to help protect the planet, with great additional resources listed to learn more.

Although the average eco-conscious person is most likely already aware of at least some of these steps, I found a bunch of tips that particularly good reminders:

• Send an email a day to corporations/your government to urge against global warming and other environmental causes you believe in
• Check your tire pressure: “Under inflated tires can cut fuel economy by up to 2% per pound of pressure below the recommended level”
• Be a carbon-neutral gardener by using a push mower, using only organic fertilizers + pesticides, and reducing your lawn (lawns are not sexy!).
• Invest in the Solution by investing your money in green funds such as Green Century, Domini Social Investments, which is something I want to start doing.
• Buy organic supplements. I didn’t realize how many non-organic dietary supplements use ingredients that are derived from petrochemicals!