FiftyRX3: My New Favorite Blog

umbrella frockwhite dress

The title for this post is no exaggeration. I am a little obsessed with visiting Jill Danyelle’s awesome green fashion blog, FiftyRX3. Jill is not only into finding gorgeous sustainable fashions in and around NYC, (see TreehuggerTV’s great vlog showing some of Jill’s favorite haunts) but she is also on a personal green mission:

My goal for 2006 is to have fifty percent of my clothing be sustainable, based on the mantra of the environmental movement:

reuse …not bought new

reduce …environmentally friendly production practices

recycle …made from a previously existing item

Jill’s halfway through her project as of July 7; that is 180 days of living the above. Not only is this worthwhile, Jill has a great sense of style and knows her fashion history. So when she makes a new dress out of unused men’s t-shirts, or decides to make a Balenciaga-inspired frock out of old umbrellas (above), the results are truly unique, not to mention fabulous. She takes pictures of all her outfits and details what’s reused, what’s reduced, and what’s recycled (and the new items here and there.)

Jill has inspired me to take a good look at my closet, which is packed with great stuff (which I only wear 1/3 of, naturally). I have been a dedicated vintage shopper since I was 16, but there were items I never knew what to do with. After reading FiftyRX3, amd drooling once again, I got up, went to my closet, and came out with this fun outfit!


Reused: Vintage skirt and My grandmother’s Indian sandals (we were the same size shoe)

Recycled: Vintage dress I never wore re-worked into side-tie top.

New: Nut necklace from Brazil

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