A Barrage of Accessories from the Frontlines of Fashion

Vintage clothing and accessories have always been quite popular among certain fashionista crowds, but it’s definitely been building steam over the past few years. Perhaps it’s what the vintage piece conveys – which is a story behind each novelty product. Military vintage has become of great interest to me as of late, perhaps it’s an awakening reminder of the unrest that is happening around the world, a statement that there is chaos and war amid seemingly peaceful times. In response, its a poignant piece that people can carry around with them throught these trying times.

 Military helmet bagCheck out key accesssory items like this miltary helment back found on Vintage Trends or head over to the corner of Broome and Mercer to Operations NY, which has a host of re-created and vintage military pieces, including a number of cool bags and belts.

Not interested in bags at this time? Try your hand at a vintage watch available at Little Cogs.