A Rawcumentary

This is the story of a woman who wanted to be a showgirl– and got in shape by going on a raw food diet for 30 days.

I haven’t seen Supercharge Me…30 Days Raw, but it looks fun, in the using-self-as-guinea-pig style of Super Size Me.

In case anyone’s wondering what raw food has to do with environmentalism….actually a lot! Raw food meals (especially if grown locally) are meals that use little energy and create little waste (all of it compostable). Most raw-foodists are vegan, which is almost as low-impact as a diet can get.

As the name implies, raw means uncooked (though food can be gently ‘warmed’ or dehydrated). Much of the labor is done by human hands, and though it’s somewhat anecdotal, I vouch for the fact that raw food for days on end makes you feel kind of ecstatic and it’s very energizing. It IS a lot of work though, and there’s little prepared raw food available. I wrote an article on raw food a while back for E Magazine, if you want more details on what it means to be raw.

If you already enjoy raw food, go see this movie and let us know what you think!

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