Pomed: Protect Our Mother Earth's Daughter

Beginning June 7, 2006 and ending June 22, Verte will be hosting Pomed: Protect Our Mother Earth’s Daughters. This new twist to special event planning and fundraising will take place as a grassroot event during the 1st “Until The Violence Stops” festival presesented by V-Day. With a range of talented fashion designers such as Swati Argade , Pomed will host a live fashion auction whose proceeds go 100% to the non-profit organization Bpeace. Organic food will be provided by Marcey Brownstein; drinks, accessories, and beauty products will be served and given away. The entire event will benefit 6 wonderful non-profits and organizations.

Purchase your Pomed tickets today to take part in the June 20th unique eco-friendly fundraiser/auction where you will sample the finest organic food and drink and have a chance to win amazing eco-friendly and ethical accessories and beauty products. Visit www.pomednyc.com for further information (for those of you who can not be in NYC, register to be alerted when the on-line auction is to begin).

Tickets to this amazing V-day festival are on sale right now. Purchase your ticket for Pomed today along with a ticket for one of the many plays performed by such actresses as Jane Fonda, Hillary Swank, Rosario Dawson,and Isabella Rossellini (www.vday.org)