…a toast to Toast

So I’m blog-binging a bit on ethical and eco-fashions in the the U.K. b/c hell, there is so much to cover. In just 2 days while in London and 5 days in the middle-of-nowhere-but-god-its-beautiful-even-though-it-is-freezing-and-the-snow-is-“falling”-horizontally-weather-(aka Durham), I had the pleasure of picking up a myriad of different things to blog about. Toast by Post is one of the companies that I feel the need to highlight. Natural, simple, yet with just the right amount of edge, Toast by Post is an “of-the-earth” label with an overall well-put together look for Spring 2006. Though not all organic, there are certain key items that are hand-made, ethically-sourced and/or organic. Take a look at some key pieces below like the hand-embroidered bag; the organic cotton cap sleeve; and indigo-dyed jeans.


handembroidered bag
cap sleeve tee
indigo jeans