Personalized SIGG Water Bottles and a FREE tee because you know me!

I just love the products at Greensender.com and recently they just open The Bottle Shop where you can custom-design and personalize a premium SIGG reusable water bottle. Using a high-tech laser-engraving process, Greensender engraves a name and art selections on to the bottle — yielding a beautiful and vibrant personalized mark.

The bottles make a great Father’s Day gift. I just bought them as teacher gifts. Shh..don’t tell them! They are great for any gift occasion and the entire family — at the beach, camp, gym, pool, and more. Always know which bottle is yours. Want to get them for an entire team or company? The Bottle Shop will work with your own art to make the perfect bottle for you!

Best of all, because you know me —  Melissa Goldberg, if your order before August 1st, you can get a free tee shirt. Just put “Friend of Melissa Goldberg” in the comments section at checkout and note size and men’s or women’s shirt and a tee will be added to your order free. Isn’t nice knowing me?

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