Beards Are The New Hotness!

Letterman and Conan are wearing their ‘strike beards’ to show their solidarity with the writers on their shows.

I’ve been seeing it everywhere in New York City; guys with beards now that the cold weather is here. And I’m loving it! It’s sexy, and just a little bit fuzzy too. When I put together a meeting of green bloggers a few weeks back, ALL of the guys had beards, and none of them are hippies, though they are all creative, dynamic men.

Why am I talking about beard trends on an eco-blog? Because not shaving every day is definitely low-impact:

-Less hot water used in the shower or at the sink

-Less or no need for razors or shaving cream (which often comes in those huge unrecyclable containers)

-Hair on your face keeps you just a bit warmer outside- and in. Turning the thermostat down just 1 degree can save you 5% on your heating bill!

Boys with beardsStarre and Ari
Boys with Beards! My friends (L-to-R) Dan Shapely and Brian Howard, editors at The Daily Green, and Muhammed Saleem, top green Digger, and
Me with my friend Ari, who hasn’t worn a beard in years, and is now a convert!

That’s (L to R) Joe Hollis, Botanist, Herbalist, Mentor and Master of Teas, Curtiss Martin, blogger at Scribemedia, and Shea Gunther, blogger and eco-entrepreneur sporting the facial fuzz.

Leo was spotted with a beard recently while being honored at the Marrakesh Film Festival!

But ladies, please DON’T try this at home…. even if you’re as cute as Avril Lavigne!

Do you NEED more cute guys with beards? Check out the New Yorker’s slide show!

Starre Vartan is founder and editor-in-chief of Eco-Chick.com and the author of the Eco-Chick Guide to Life. She's also a freelance science and environment writer who has published in National Geographic, CNN, Scientific American, Mental Floss, Pacific Standard, the NRDC, and many more. She lives on an island in Puget Sound with her partner and black cat. She was a geologist in her first career, and still picks up rocks wherever she goes.