Buns of Steel Don't Come Without Pain


So this is my third day with my Guayanese tank of a trainer named Inka.

I can’t move.

Not sure if my ass is tighter because my muscles are just one big knot or if it actually is tighter. The goal? I really want to see if someone can smack a quarter against my ass and see if they get their change back. (Oh, plus all the health benefits)….but won’t be able to do that if I can’t lift my dead weight out of this chair – My Rx = deep tissue massage (I like it hard…but doesn’t every girl??).

I was looking into organic massage theraphy places and came across an interesting one: Fort Meyers Massage. Though I’m nowhere near Fort Meyers, something else caught my attention: Young Living Essential Oils. They provide essential oils, dietary supplements, and personal care products by developing one of the world’s largest organic herb farms for the production of therapeutic grade essential oils. Rock on.