Creative Photo Lab

Lately I have had a growing interest in photography. With the popularity of the digital camera, there is an artistic photographer in all of us. Here are some creative ways to have fun with your own eco-chic photo lab.

Personalized Photo Album

We all have warm memories of flipping through old photo albums and having recaptured precious, hilarious, and embarrassing moments. Today, verses flipping the pages, we are clicking the next button on our computer screen. For those of you who still like the old fashion traditional photo album, why not be creative and make your own. By using simple photo imaging soft ware that is included on all PCs and Macs, you can print multiple pictures on a single piece of recycled paper (double sided is even better and for even more computer savvy individuals, one could add quotes and graphics on the same image).

Once all of the pictures are organized, they can be stored in an album such as a binder from the Sustainable Group. This Seattle manufacturer can custom make the binder with a customer provided image on its cover. Their binders are made from 100% recycled fibers.

Shadow Box

Tire FrameSome times I will come across a really cool print or illustration in a magazine, see a cute little leaf on the side walk, or just not want to let go of flowers that were given to me. So I came up with a creative way to preserve such inspiring images and pieces of nature.

There are really cool frames out on the market. I just came across this recycled tire picture frame carried at 3R Living and thought that the contrast between a single vibrant object found anywhere, placed amongst a
dark frame such as this one, would look very chic in any room.

Picture Frame

Target Picture FramesFor traditional and affordable picture frames, I came across these Recycled Magazine Picture Frames from Target. They only cost $29.99 for a set of 3 and would make a great gift. You can contact your local eco-friendly printer and have your oversized prints printed with non-toxic ink on recycled paper.

Have fun capturing memories.