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Designed in California, Inspired by India: Satva’s Organic Cotton Leggings

Satva (2)

I’ve been soaking up every last minute of the remaining good weather here in upstate New York, so when I received my sample leggings from Satva, “an ethical and organic apparel basics brand,” I thought I’d take them for a spin on the Walkway Over The Hudson, a great big bridge over—you guessed it—the Hudson River.  And boy was I glad I did!

My new Mantra leggings (both made with organic cotton and GOTS certified) are perfect for both exercise and everyday wear—they have the ideal amount of stretch for yoga, but the eye-catching patterns have attracted compliments every time I’ve worn them.  They’re so comfy, but also really flattering.


Satva’s founder, Puja Barar, worked in the fashion industry for nearly 10 years until the birth of her son.  After this enormous life change, she knew that she needed to let her new way of living inform her career choices.

“I felt a calling to create an affordable line of organic lifestyle wear that was stylish and suitable for an active and modern woman like myself, a product line I felt was missing in the fashion world,” she says.

All of Satva’s products are made from organic cotton grown by farmers in India who earn a fair, living wage.

“We use eco-conscious materials wherever possible, right down to our recycled paper hangtags. Organic cotton farmers in Satva’s partner program use Non- GMO seeds & practice all-natural growing methods in accordance to the GOTS standard. Non-toxic, low impact dyes are also used on our garments creating a safer product for our consumers.”

-Puja Barar


Not only has Puja created a company that’s fashion forward and socially conscious, she works hard to make sure other girls from her native India have the opportunity to achieve their own dreams.

The Blossoms for Change program donates the proceeds from Satva clothing to scholarships for deserving girls in the community. This way, Satva works towards combating “the 60% dropout rate for girls over the age of 13 whose farmer families can no longer afford schooling.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 7.03.15 PM

It’s always important to remind ourselves what a difference our clothing choices can make. Puja put it beautifully when I asked her why it’s important to get behind socially responsible fashion.

“There is a big price to pay for the rise of cheap and fast fashion that uses conventional cotton for clothing. GMO cotton farming requires heavy uses of pesticides, which wreaks havoc on the environment, contaminating soil, waterways and animals. Human rights violations are also prevalent with low wages and unsafe working conditions.

Many consumers aren’t aware of the impact of their purchasing power and the implications their choices have on the planet and human rights of workers in developing countries.

At Satva it’s our sincerest endeavor to change these social and environmental issues by creating a organic lifestyle wear that inspires active & healthy living, empowers impoverished organic farming communities, and improves the global environment.”


We’re with you there, Puja.  When I wear my Satva leggings, I feel like I’m wearing the ethical clothing of the future.

Note: Images of Sophie in her Mantra leggings courtesy of photographer Taylor Thewes.

Sophie Hessekiel is a writer, comedian, and occasional musician who has fled Westchester to pursue feminism, fashion, ecology and comedy in the far-flung fields of Poughkeepsie and Manhattan. When not interning at Eco-Chick, she is writing and performing with her sketch group at Vassar or deconstructing Taylor Swift and Tinder with her gal pals. She also interns for Wifey.tv and is always on the lookout for great new video content. Sophie is studying English, Film, and Español at Vassar, and she wants to make television when she grows up—or, you know, now. Whichever comes first.