Diane Kennedy: (Green) Plus-Size Fashion

Diane KennedyDiane Kennedy 2

In the fashion world, clothes for sizes 12 and up has been getting better and better in recent years, with more stylish, hip offerings in the category as designers realize that just because you’re not a skinny-minnie doesn’t mean you don’t care about looking cute. To the contrary! Many women who don’t fit into the arbitrary sizes 0-12 offered in most stores (who decided who was considered ‘plus-sized’ in the first place, anyway?) want to celebrate their womanly figures, not hide them behind tent-dresses and tacky prints.

Enter Diane Kennedy, who’s not only crafting gorgeous fashions in sizes 0X-3X (that’s 12-22), but is making them green too! I’m so excited for her collection which is filled with gorgeous colors, fabrics that are soft and flattering for everyone (like bamboo and organic fleece), and are really cute and hip too. Check her site out because I couldn’t cut and paste images from her most recent collection since it’s a flash page and they’re more fun than the couple of images I found above.

From Kennedy’s site:

We use wonderfully soft, new eco-friendly fabrics like soy and bamboo, and our premium french terry is woven from the finest organic cotton.

All of our garments are consciously created and ethically produced right here in Canada, in beautiful British Columbia.

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