Elephant Poo Poo Paper!

In my mind this company definitely takes sustainability to the next level! The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company Limited

is focused today on the production, innovation and marketing of all sorts of fun products made from elephant poo!

Visitors can visit the company’s “poo-tique” to buy all sorts of paper gift items made from elephant poo that’s been collected from elephant conservation parks. Their paper making process is fascinating, and produces products that actually don’t smell like poo at all. Plus,

We can make about 25 large sheets of paper from a single piece (or turd) of elephant poo poo!!! That translates into about 10 standard sized journals including the front and back covers! Neat, huh!?!?!?


Great Elephant Poo Poo also has a great mission:

Our purpose is to successfully sell our goods in order to complete a truly creative sustainable cycle: where raw materials with little other use are utilized to make a useful and functional product all the while providing jobs and opportunity along the way and ultimately selling our goods at a profit from which a portion is directed to a worthwhile cause: elephant welfare and conservation.